Leave Your Project Marketing to the Property Experts

project marketing

When it comes to marketing new projects, developers need to consider their approach carefully. Likewise, buyers should be wary of any conflicts of interest when buying directly from a developer. Working with experienced property specialists like Limnios means both developers and buyers have a guide throughout the process who keeps both sets of interests at heart.

Most people think that project marketing is the same as selling a house or unit – it’s not. The difference is, new developments are often a long way off the move-in date from when the buyer is making their decision. That makes it integral for the development to be marketed in the right way, with a deep understanding of the vision, intention and spirit of the project embedded in all communications. Additionally, a deep experience of the current market and where the project sits in comparison to others is incredibly important. Of course, developers might think their project is amazing – but we understand what their buyer’s perspective will be too and can provide a more balanced perspective.

What makes a project marketing specialist stand out from the rest?

A good project marketing specialist has a unique set of skills in comparison to regular real estate sales. At Limnios, we value the following skills when marketing new developments to buyers:

  • Relevant industry experience and understanding of the development process from start to finish.
  • Deep understanding of the project plans and design to understand the inspiration behind the project and vision for its success.
  • Creative thinking and conceptualisation to enable eloquent communication of the project.
  • Efficient and extensive administrative procedures to make the process smooth for all parties involved.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to build trust with developers and buyers alike.

Without these skills, you risk a negative outcome between the buyer and the developer with the potential to spoil relationships through a lack of communication, deals falling through or legal court action. Plus, it’s integral to attract the right enquiries that make your marketing efforts worthwhile – it’s no use getting dozens of enquirers who won’t come to the party.

Why choose Limnios for your project marketing?

Limnios Property Group CEO, James Limnios says “We wouldn’t sell something that we don’t believe in – that is how we are still reputable specialists in the industry after 50 years. I look at the following attributes of a project before I’d take it on – value for money, the integrity of the developer and financial viability. We won’t work with a developer who will promise the client something and not deliver.”

Standing by values of integrity and prioritising the trust of our clients above all else is how we’ve gained a reputation as prudent operators in the Perth project sector. Trust us, trying to do this in-house without the skill set mentioned above is how new developments miss targets and lose momentum.

Give us a call today to see how your project can be a success in partnership with Limnios.