Property Manager

Are you stagnating in your current Property Management role?

Are your great ideas falling flat when they get to management?

Do you want to work for a revered real estate brand?

How does an attractive incentive structure sound?

At Limnios Property Group Perth our motto is; “do some good, work with passion, and enjoy life.”

After over 50 years in the real estate business, we know that we are only as good as our people at any point in time and we are always looking for people with that “X factor”.

Whilst the X factor is not easily defined, it is best described as someone with a glint in their eye, someone who can see and seize opportunities, someone who has confidence in their own ability to make a call and own that call, someone who is brimming with smart ideas and who is genuinely enthused about making the world around them more efficient and a better place.

At Limnios Property Group we want to make YOU better so WE can become better. We WANT your good ideas and we NOTICE when you do good things.

We are seeking an experienced and committed Property Manager who is looking for a long-term career move.

We want someone who can seamlessly integrate with a talented group of people who know and believe in good customer experience, do good – and have some fun!

Responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage predominantly inner-city properties in a supportive environment
  • Liaise with owners and tenants 
  • Conduct routine, final, and PCR  inspections (you will need a car and drivers license)
  • Manage maintenance work
  • Manage arrears
  • Building a strong relationship with owners and tenants
  • Running of day-to-day portfolio
  • Great properties within the inner city and city fringe

Have you got that X-Factor?

Do you want to drag yourself out of dullsville and into a high-performance and fun environment?

Contact the Managing Director by telephone if you just want a confidential chat about the role for now or send us your CV by email if you just want in.

Call James Limnios, Managing Director,  on 0419 949 658 

(Note: Whilst we sometimes look for new junior people that we just love to train up, this is not one of those times – please call this number direct only if you are an experienced Property Manager with current registration and at least two years of experience – oh yes…….and a touch of X-Factor)

Alternatively, click on the Send CV button below.