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Finally. Transperancy in Real Estate

“Openn Negotiation was developed to deliver great results by making the process of buying and selling fair for all”

Peter Gibbons, Co-Founder

What is Openn Negotiation?

Managed by real estate agents, Openn Negotiation is a transparent sales method which helps Buyers and Sellers find the true market price for a property, through an online bidding platform.

How it works

Once qualified, buyers can start bidding from day one and all bids are visible – even if it is below the seller’s reserve price. Seller’s can approve buyers with flexible terms to bid in the auction, meaning there’s more chance the sale price will reach its full potential.

Empower yourself

Openn Negotiation is the fairest way to buy and sell. With price transparency, a defined campaign period and a sophisticated buyer qualification process – you can be confident in your choices throughout your property journey and participate from anywhere in the world.

How does it work

Whether you’re a buyer, seller or real estate agent, the process is designed to work in everyone’s favour.


Don’t need to wonder if they’re getting the best price possible for their home.


Don’t need to wonder if they should’ve offered more for a home they love.


Don’t need to wonder if they are selling properties for the right price, in the right amount of time.

Rob Stefanovski has been working with Limnios Property Group for well over 15 years. More recently he has become an Openn Negotiation Certified Agent, and was even awarded a 2020 Master Agent for his selling excellence. If you are interested or are wondering whether Openn Negotiation is for you, please click on the button below to fill out the form.

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